The World’s Longest Board Games that Exist Today

Board games are always fun to play with friends and with family. It’s so much better than competing with you sibling or your best friend for a one on one in Guitar Hero. Yes, there’s a different kind of fun and excitement when you are simulating to be a rock god but the excitement and energy brought by board games are different and more dynamic.

We are not talking about your friendly Snakes and Ladders board game here. We are talking about board games that will definitely eat up your time without you noticing it because you are all too consumed about winning the game and besting your friends or family members.

Yes, that’s definitely right. The longer the board game finishes, the more competitive it becomes and the more creative everyone in the game transforms. These board games that we’re talking about are probably the longest board games that exist today. They require extreme concentration, strategy, execution, finesse and most importantly, patience.

Let’s take a look at the world’s longest board games that exist today. Some of them are familiar while some of them you never thought that they are really that long to finish.

Slot Machines to Online Slots Transformation

Online slot machine games today has become dime a dozen. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online slot machine games out in the Internet today that you can get your hands on. There are free online slot machine games where you can bet without any real money and there are also those where you have to stake coins with equivalent monetary value and in different available currencies.

Online slot machine games have become so popular nowadays and they are released in different platforms, such as those that you can play over the internet, those that you can play offline on your device, and so forth. Internet based online slot machine games require you to have an uninterrupted Internet connection in order for you to play. The game is offered in free and paid versions. There are also online slot machine games that you can download as apps on your device – there are versions for Android, iOS and even for both.

What makes online slot machine games so popular is the convenience it offers. Imagine, you won’t have to drive down to your nearest local casino or slot machine joint to enjoy and spin. All you need to do is find a comfortable place at home where there is Internet connection and spin the game for as long as you want to. You can bet real money or you can try the fun out of the free online slot machine games. Winning real money from betting coins with real monetary value is also exciting as online slot machine games nowadays have become more dynamic, intuitive and really exciting to play.

Conquering Cross Country Championships the BUAC Way

Birmingham University Athletics and Cross Country Club has been busy for months to prepare for the Cross Country Championships. It is one of the most looked forward events in the sport and BUACers have dedicated months of preparation to conquer the cross country championships. It has been an annual exercise of skills, stamina, techniques and camaraderie that culminates at the cross country championship event.

Birmingham University’s BUAC cross country team has been known to be one of the most competitive and committed to the sport. Their preparation program is equally robust, decisive, comprehensive and full of techniques to equip the players of the skills, endurance and stamina required for the cross country championship event.

BUAC has sent 3 representatives as part of the Great Britain team to the 2017 Euro Cross Country Championships. Victoria Weir and Niamh Brown formed part of the Junior Women’s team and Sarah McDonald competed in the 4x1k relay event. All three players were successful in their respective competition and they all brought pride and honor to the BUAC community and to the Birminghan University as a whole. More importantly, their respective contributions to the Great Britain Team made them significant athletes of the year 2017 for the country.

BUAC Cool Runnings and Its Many Great Benefits

University of Birmingham’s BUAC Cool Runnings in the running club for everyone. It takes enormous pride in helping and developing all of its members to reach for and achieve their goals. Whether you are trying to conquer your first mile run, finishing the heavily competed marathons, or even just having a great time at the club’s weekly socials, BUAC Cool Runnings is always behind you in every step of the way.

As a member, you can freely pick and choose the sessions you want to attend and BUAC Cool Runnings also welcome new members any time. So you can always bring a friend or tag along your group to join the club. BUAC Cool Runnings’ sessions are filled with a lot of exciting activities that are designed for all abilities. There’s always room for new things to learn or challenge for yourself.

BUAC Cool Runnings was set up in the year 2009 and from thereon it has grown every year. It has paraded the university with fantastic highlights, such as the Birmingham 10k, the Great Run Local (this has culminated in the victorious feat of grabbing the impact award in the sports ball that is held at every end of the year), and the training weekend, which gives everyone the opportunity to stretch those muscles to develop their skills and techniques in running.

Birmingham’s Olympic Gold Medal Heroes

The University of Birmingham enjoys its place at the top 100th institutions in the world. It produced many a great educator, teacher, researcher and so forth. It is home to over 5,000 international students from over 150 countries around the world.

Aside from securing the top ranking in the academe world, University of Birmingham is home to many Olympic heroes. University of Birmingham’s Olympic heroes have brought home plenty of recognition and medals from the world’s biggest and greatest sports competition. The victories that these Olympic heroes have brought the University of Birmingham great pride and honor.

Let’s take a look at the Birmingham Olympic Gold Medals brought home by the university’s Olympic heroes. The university is recognized for winning the gold in the Olympics on the following sports.


Birmingham’s cycling team continues its winning tradition by bringing home medals from different world events, such as the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and so forth. It has been a source of great pride for the University of Birmingham in terms of winning medals in the Olympics.