The World’s Longest Board Games that Exist Today

Board games are always fun to play with friends and with family. It’s so much better than competing with you sibling or your best friend for a one on one in Guitar Hero. Yes, there’s a different kind of fun and excitement when you are simulating to be a rock god but the excitement and energy brought by board games are different and more dynamic.

We are not talking about your friendly Snakes and Ladders board game here. We are talking about board games that will definitely eat up your time without you noticing it because you are all too consumed about winning the game and besting your friends or family members.

Yes, that’s definitely right. The longer the board game finishes, the more competitive it becomes and the more creative everyone in the game transforms. These board games that we’re talking about are probably the longest board games that exist today. They require extreme concentration, strategy, execution, finesse and most importantly, patience.

Let’s take a look at the world’s longest board games that exist today. Some of them are familiar while some of them you never thought that they are really that long to finish.