Birmingham’s Olympic Gold Medal Heroes

The University of Birmingham enjoys its place at the top 100th institutions in the world. It produced many a great educator, teacher, researcher and so forth. It is home to over 5,000 international students from over 150 countries around the world.

Aside from securing the top ranking in the academe world, University of Birmingham is home to many Olympic heroes. University of Birmingham’s Olympic heroes have brought home plenty of recognition and medals from the world’s biggest and greatest sports competition. The victories that these Olympic heroes have brought the University of Birmingham great pride and honor.

Let’s take a look at the Birmingham Olympic Gold Medals brought home by the university’s Olympic heroes. The university is recognized for winning the gold in the Olympics on the following sports.


Birmingham’s cycling team continues its winning tradition by bringing home medals from different world events, such as the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and so forth. It has been a source of great pride for the University of Birmingham in terms of winning medals in the Olympics.

In 2008 alone, in the Beijing Olympics, Birmingham set a world record in the team pursuit thanks to the cycling team’s victory led by Paul Manning. Birmingham went home with the most coveted gold medal and cemented the university’s place atop the legends in the sport and in the Olympics as well.

Prior to that, Paul Manning on the bicycle, has brought home a couple of Olympic medals – a bronze in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and a silver in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Because of Paul Manning victorious stints at three Olympic Games, University of Birmingham has become a recognized institution in the sport of cycling.

Paul Manning didn’t stop bringing in Olympic gold medals for Birmingham as a player; he continued the tradition when took the helm as Endurance Coach for the women’s cycling team. During his leadership, the women’s team has broken the team pursuit world record at an amazing six times, which includes the London 2012 Olympics where Paul Manning’s team brought home the gold. In addition, the women’s team relinquished their title in the team pursuit in the Rio Olympics.

The University of Birmingham has no plans of stopping or skipping the most coveted gold medal in the upcoming Olympics. The program that the cycling team has adopted is continuously improving and the dedication of the team has become more and more solid and robust. Paul Manning’s leadership has transformed the cycling team into one formidable and committed team with a common goal of winning the gold medal, breaking world records and continue to stay on top of the world rankings.

Women’s Hockey

The women’s hockey has equally brought pride and honor to the university similar to the cycling team. The two key players from the University of Birmingham who were part of the squad to win the first ever Olympic gold medal for the British women’s hockey team are Lily Owsley and Sophie Bray.

Lily Owsley is only the first ever current student of the University of Birmingham to win an Olympic gold medal. She returned to the University of Birmingham to continue her studies in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Services. Sophie Bray on the other hand, who graduated in 2011 with a degree of Psychology, won the medal after finishing her studies in the university.

These two amazing players were part of the English team who won medals after medals in different hockey competitions, such as the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the European Champions in 2015. Both players played all matches in the Olympic Games as part of Great Britain. They also made star appearances in the finals – Lily scored a goal against the Netherlands from a set up made by Sophie.

Birmingham’s Olympic gold in women’s hockey has invited and inspired many aspiring Olympic gold medalists to join and strengthen the program. The university has dedicated a significant amount of investment in the pursuit of continuing the winning tradition at the Olympic Games.