BUAC Cool Runnings and Its Many Great Benefits

University of Birmingham’s BUAC Cool Runnings in the running club for everyone. It takes enormous pride in helping and developing all of its members to reach for and achieve their goals. Whether you are trying to conquer your first mile run, finishing the heavily competed marathons, or even just having a great time at the club’s weekly socials, BUAC Cool Runnings is always behind you in every step of the way.

As a member, you can freely pick and choose the sessions you want to attend and BUAC Cool Runnings also welcome new members any time. So you can always bring a friend or tag along your group to join the club. BUAC Cool Runnings’ sessions are filled with a lot of exciting activities that are designed for all abilities. There’s always room for new things to learn or challenge for yourself.

BUAC Cool Runnings was set up in the year 2009 and from thereon it has grown every year. It has paraded the university with fantastic highlights, such as the Birmingham 10k, the Great Run Local (this has culminated in the victorious feat of grabbing the impact award in the sports ball that is held at every end of the year), and the training weekend, which gives everyone the opportunity to stretch those muscles to develop their skills and techniques in running.

Getting involved

If you are planning to join one of the coolest and hippest running club in town and the best in the university, you can pay a membership fee of £20 on term 1. This reduces at term 2 for only £10. BUAC Cool Runnings will let you in for a great amount of fun, excitement, friendly community and more importantly, achieving your goals.

These are the three skills that the sport can give you:

On top of that, BUAC Cool Runnings provides a ton of opportunity in learning the skills and techniques of running, especially in different events and categories. The best practices from each of the members are a great avenue for learning.

The members of BUAC Cool Runnings are dedicated to help and are committed to develop your skill in the sport. The club’s head coach as well as the club captain drive the club’s core mission and vision and have been so successful in all of the programs that they have implemented.

Training venues and time

BUAC Cool Runnings training time and venues are the following:


Meet up is outside the Sports and Fitness Club at 18:00 hours every Monday

Long run:

Meet up is outside the Sports and Fitness Club at 18:00 hours every Thursday

Great run local:

Meet up is at The Vale Circuits, TBC at 10:30 hours every Sunday


Meet up is at the Slater Hall at 18:30 to 19:30 hours every Wednesday

Meet up is at the Studio 1 at 17:00 to 18:00 hours every Saturday

Highlights of the BUAC Cool Runnings Club

BUAC Cool Runnings is proud to have won the impact award at the sports ball held at the end of the year for its launch of the great run local. The great run local is a community based timed running event for 5k held every week. This has been a source of pride of all the members due to the stiff competition of the award among other sports clubs in the university.

The level of participation or competition are as follows:

The Social Squad – dedicated for complete beginners up to experienced runners

Optional running events – 7 Pools 10k, Birmingham 10k, Autumn Shakespeare 10k, Parkrun, Birmingham half marathon, Santa run, Great run local

Key point of contacts

BUAC Cool Runnings is headed by Coach Luke Gunn and captained by Sam Vassall. These are the key point of contacts for BUAC Cool Runnings. You can freely approach them or visit them at their office if you want to know more information about this awesome running club.