Conquering Cross Country Championships the BUAC Way

Birmingham University Athletics and Cross Country Club has been busy for months to prepare for the Cross Country Championships. It is one of the most looked forward events in the sport and BUACers have dedicated months of preparation to conquer the cross country championships. It has been an annual exercise of skills, stamina, techniques and camaraderie that culminates at the cross country championship event.

Birmingham University’s BUAC cross country team has been known to be one of the most competitive and committed to the sport. Their preparation program is equally robust, decisive, comprehensive and full of techniques to equip the players of the skills, endurance and stamina required for the cross country championship event.

BUAC has sent 3 representatives as part of the Great Britain team to the 2017 Euro Cross Country Championships. Victoria Weir and Niamh Brown formed part of the Junior Women’s team and Sarah McDonald competed in the 4x1k relay event. All three players were successful in their respective competition and they all brought pride and honor to the BUAC community and to the Birminghan University as a whole. More importantly, their respective contributions to the Great Britain Team made them significant athletes of the year 2017 for the country.

BUAC’s fierce trio of Victoria Weir, Sarah Chapman and Sabrina Sinha were also the club’s representative to the National Cross Country relays in the fall of 2017 where they competed with the country’s strongest, dominant and competitive relay players. BUAC didn’t make the wrong move of sending the fierce trio as their combination put up with challenges of the event.

Sarah Chapman, known for her hard work and dedication to the sport, took on the task of taking a high quality field in leg one of the race. She was able to storm past all the players like lightning and maintained her pace as she zoomed into the 1st leg of the relay. Sabrina Sinha took on the baton from Sarah and was determined to maintain the lead established by Sarah. The second leg was all lonely and tough at the same time but Sabrina raced with full grit eyeing on the prize. The last leg was Victoria Weir’s job to take home and bag the most coveted victory.

Victoria Weir as usual appeared to be the fan favorite and effortlessly battled with all of the other racers. Her valiant effort was no doubt BUAC’s core value and it all paid off when she bagged home the bronze medal for the team. The fierce three came out victorious in the championship and brought real glory and pride for BUAC club. Their performance proved out to be an epic journey for the BUAC in the National Cross Country Championship event and one that will be remembered for the years to come.

Birmingham University has etched its name, through the BUAC, in the National Cross Country Championships, not only once but for many years. The year 2017 was significant for the university as BUAC members have proven their program’s success by bringing home a lot of the prizes from different cross country championship events. The core of their program translated into tangible victories, medals and world records. The BUAC members who represented in the National Cross Country Championships became heroes, not only for the university but also for the rest of the players who competed in each of the events. They embodied the true core of what a BUAC club member is.

The BUAC’s incredibly humble value has resonated to all players who competed in the National Cross Country Championships event. The sportsmanship and fairness that the BUAC players have manifested all throughout the event became good sports value models. Not only that, the players’ intensive preparation and seamless dedication to the sport were pretty much apparent all throughout the event. The fierce trio has definitely become the epitome of what the BAUC was all about. They have pretty much showcased it for all of the people to witness.