The World’s Longest Board Games that Exist Today

Board games are always fun to play with friends and with family. It’s so much better than competing with you sibling or your best friend for a one on one in Guitar Hero. Yes, there’s a different kind of fun and excitement when you are simulating to be a rock god but the excitement and energy brought by board games are different and more dynamic.

We are not talking about your friendly Snakes and Ladders board game here. We are talking about board games that will definitely eat up your time without you noticing it because you are all too consumed about winning the game and besting your friends or family members.

Yes, that’s definitely right. The longer the board game finishes, the more competitive it becomes and the more creative everyone in the game transforms. These board games that we’re talking about are probably the longest board games that exist today. They require extreme concentration, strategy, execution, finesse and most importantly, patience.

Let’s take a look at the world’s longest board games that exist today. Some of them are familiar while some of them you never thought that they are really that long to finish.


With a play time of 90-150 minutes, who can ever forget Monopoly? It is perhaps one of the most popular board games in the world. Monopoly is a great board game for all ages and if you are in your adult years, you come to realize that this game has taught you how to be wiser in life and how to make good decisions over bad ones.

Monopoly requires negotiation, future proofing and trading skills that can get you through in real life and not only in the board game itself. It takes a long time to finish especially if all players are shrewd and cunning business people.

Axis & Allies

One of the reasons why Axis & Allies takes a long time to finish is because you will need to set up the pieces first and that alone takes up to half an hour. This WW II board game classic is one of the all-time favorites. The idea of two warring factions trying to win the world with the use of tanks, ammos, and soldiers is pure fun and adventure. Axis & Allies has a playing time of approximately 3 hours.

7 Ages

If you are familiar with Sid Meier’s Civilization series of PC games, then 7 Ages is its board game equivalent. We all know that playing Civilization can take you forever to finish – just imagine how many Civilizations you have to go through before you can get to the ultra-future world. 7 Ages is similar and makes you the emperor who will need to rule and win from 4,000 BC to 2,000 BC. Translate that into playing time and that’s approximately 7 hours.

Europe Engulfed

This game takes approximately 12 hours to finish. It is by far one of the nerdiest board games ever and most reviews recommend this game for 16 years and up players. It’s the usual WW II setting but this time you are playing in the Europe warzone as your theater.

The Longest Day

Another WW II themed board game with 1,500 battalion pieces. This board game is simply such a drain because it is literally its title and more. With a playing time of 5,400 minutes or 90 hours, The Longest Day is one board game where you need a lot of convincing powers to take in at least 5 of your friends to spend months playing it.

World in Flames

Anything that has plenty of maps and is WW II is always a long game to finish. World in Flames not only gives you one map to play with but a lot. This board game has a notorious playing time of 100 hours. I know of a few old people who’d love to sit down and kill time playing this board game.

The Campaign for North Africa

This is by far the longest board game in the world today. With a playing time of 62 days, it’s worth all of your summer vacation and spring break combined and even more. This board game requires 10 players and includes 18,000 counters with a 3 volume rule books.